Meet Matthew Williams-Ellis and John Alexander, co-founders of Photo Escapes Films. They have been working together since meeting at Exeter University 10 years ago. Both are passionate about creating stunning visuals, whether working on a photography assignment or film project.

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Matthew Williams-Ellis is an award-winning London-based travel, documentary and landscape photographer. He produces commercial imagery for the travel industry and runs photography holidays and workshops, and is one of the co-founders of Photo Escapes Films. Matthew loves exploring the world, both on assignment, and working on personal projects such as his exploration of 6 minute exposures. He is passionate about the challenges and photographic opportunities that travelling presents, whether it is heading up a volcano for sunrise, capturing everyday lives of local people in a market, or taking on -40 degree temperatures inside the arctic circle.

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John Alexander is a freelance editorial photographer based in Oxford, UK, and a co-founder of Photo Escapes Films. His work compiles of an eclectic mix of imagery from different genres to cater for his commercial clients worldwide. These images range from major pet food brands to his fine-art collections of 'wall textures'. The unpredictable nature of travel and John's varied interests enable him to create a diverse portfolio of atmospheric images. 'No matter what the subject is, if it creates an interesting story, I'm all over it!'




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